Build & Install

cd build_<sys_type>-gcc/build
make -j <N> install

Where <N> should be replaced with the number of parallel make processes you want to launch (typically the number of cores on your CPU).

After configuring Spheral, enter the build directory and run make -j <N> install. Alternatively the host-config-build tool provides options to automate the build and install process.


make -j <N> will launch a number of compilation jobs in parallel, so on shared machines such as the Livermore Computing (LC) environment it is highly recommended to launch this make process on a specially allocated node.

Although Spheral is simply a set of Python modules, during the install stage Spheral will also set up a Python virtual environment. The install will also download and install all required runtime python libraries needed to execute the full Spheral test suite.

In the install directory users will find a spheral script. This can be run from the install directory as ./spheral and will drop users into the avtive virtual environment with acces to all of the Spheral libraries and dependencies.